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What Is I am Brahman all about?

I am Brahman is a personal exploration of the Indian philosophy of Advaita, which teaches that there is only one reality and that is Brahman. God’s consciousness is projected through infinity, and everything, including ourselves, is part of it. From this underlying ‘ground consciousness’, all material form comes about and can ultimately be re-absorbed by it.

What do we mean by non-duality or ‘Advaita’?

The term ‘Advaita’ literally means ‘not two’, and in the spiritual context it addresses the mind-matter duality that has always underpinned the western approach to reality. Newton and Descartes are primarily responsible for the paradigm that on the one hand there is mind, and on the other hand, matter – and that these two are discrete and separate. The Advaitin position is that there is only one reality and all things are part of it. There is no need to construct a division between mind and matter because they are both an expression of the one underlying reality – ‘Brahman’ – a projection of God’s consciousness upon which the dance of material creation takes place.

If consciousness is everything, what is matter?

In Advaitin philosophy, Brahman creates the material world through a process it calls ‘Maya’. Sometimes the concept of Maya has been interpreted to say that the world we see is an illusion with no real materiality other than what we think we see as ‘real’. It would be better to see Maya as the truth that nothing exists except in its relation to the whole. Maya is a most difficult concept to grasp, but one of the best metaphors with which to approach it is to think of all creation as a kind of hologram, an image that has been spun out of Brahman but which has a dynamic evolution of its own.